Brian Brosdahl demonstrates how to fish a Mimic Minnow to catch more fish and also showcases some fresh, new colors in the popular line of pre-rigs.

Expanding on our success of adding new colors in the new rumble series line we’ve added some very exciting new colors in the famous mimic minnow line. The mimic catches everything from bass to perch, walleyes to panfish and pike, and the reason is the lifelike profile and true swimming kicking paddletail action. The bait is great for getting a reaction bite and Bro likes to fish with a lift and drop retrieve when fishing around cover and as it gets warmer he will straight swim it and speed up his retrieve.

The four new colors are Bubblegum Tiger, Wonderbread, Sneeze, and Purple Wonder and they are all based on proven patterns in our hardbait lines. See all the new Mimic Minnow colors.

The key to the success of this bait is the profile and paddle. The profile is perfect to match any small baitfish that predators feed on throughout the year the paddletail in the back is the right size to give a constant kicking action without too much thump or roll for less aggressive fish. This is important because it makes the mimic minnow so versatile and worth having tied on from ice out to late fall.

The body is soft but strong and durable so you can catch more fish without worrying about losing the tail or having the plastic slide down the hook. This was important to us because we know you expect only the best quality from Northland and that’s what you get with the Mimic Minnow.


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