Bemidji, Minn. – Northland Fishing Tackle’s new Glo-Shot™ Spoon raises the bar in fish attraction with high-vis Glo-Shot Sticks that radiate colorful, fish-calling colors to lure curious gamefish from a wide radius.

The game-changing new spoon also features a strike-triggering flutter and comes in three sizes, making it a perfect choice for predators ranging from crappies and perch to walleyes, pike and lake trout.

“The Glo-Shot™ Spoon attracts fish in all conditions, especially in low light and low-visibility situations,” reports legendary guide and Team Northland Pro Staffer Tony Roach, who tested the new spoon on the ice throughout its development.

“It comes in a rainbow of colors that include flashy metallic, optically brightened UV and traditional glow options,” Roach continues. “Plus, a handy removal tool included with each spoon makes it easy to change Glo-Shot Sticks from red to chartreuse and green, allowing anglers to tailor colors to match conditions and mood of the fish.”

Roach also appreciates the Glo-Shot Spoon’s unique construction. “This deadly spoon is molded from lead-free, zinc-based Z-Alloy for maximum flash and flutter on the fall,” he explains. “Plus, its proprietary S-curve design produces more erratic action whether you’re vertically jigging or casting.”

Glo-Shot Spoons are available in 1/16-, 1/8- and 1/4-ounce weights, with red treble hooks in #12, #10 and #8 sizes, respectively. Hooks are attached via dual split rings for added action and fewer lost fish. Suggested retail is $6.99.

Glo-Shot Sticks are non-toxic, easy to activate and glow in vivid color for eight hours. They are light enough not to affect lure action and are also great for lighting up a variety of bobbers, hooks and jigs. Suggested retail is $2.39.

Glo-Shot Spoon  Glo-Shot Stick

Glo-Shot Stick Attracts Fish From Afar Glows In Color For 8 Hours
S-Curve Design Enhances Action Non-Toxic, 1.5 Inches Long

Lightweight Z-Alloy For Maximum Flutter Red, Green And Chartreuse Colors

12 Metallic, UV And Glow Color Options MSRP $2.39 per 3

MSRP $6.99 includes three sticks and removal tool

For More Information: visit www.northlandtackle.com, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfI-UOEHYUg or contact

Kyle Waterman, Marketing, [email protected], (218) 751-6723.

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