Fishing educators Bob Jensen and Mike Frisch announced today that they are combining forces for 2014-15 to offer Fishing the Midwest television and School of Fish. Jensen has produced and hosted Fishing the Midwest for 20 years, while Frisch is a co-founder of School of Fish, a Minnesota-based kids fishing education program.

The partnership means Fishing the Midwest and the School of Fish will work together in their various efforts to educate and excite others about fishing.

“Our goal with Fishing the Midwest has been to highlight top fishing locations right here in the Midwest and to show good ways to catch fish in those waters,” Jensen stated.

“Because a big part of what we do at Fishing the Midwest involves educating anglers, bringing School of Fish on board is a natural fit,” Jensen added.

“We incorporated several how-to School of Fish segments in our 2014 shows and viewer response has been very favorable,” Jensen went on to say. “Mike has been a guest on our show many times over the years, his fishing expertise combined with an ability to relate to our viewers makes for informative, entertaining programming” he concluded.

“Fishing the Midwest has a long history as one of the top-rated regional fishing programs and we are thrilled at the School of Fish for this opportunity,” Frisch said. “We are geared toward the middle-of-the-road angler who fishes close to home, often with family, and Bob has done a great job of incorporating kids into his shows over the years,” Frisch went on.

Frisch concluded by saying, “Bob’s commitment to teaching others about the sport he loves is obvious and this will be a great opportunity for us to work together to bring information to more anglers, kids, and adults, across the Midwest!”

Information regarding Fishing the Midwest’s award-winning television programming and other activities can be found by visiting the website,

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