Brian “Bro” Brosdahl shares some excellent information that will help you catch more walleyes, panfish, northern pike, and perch on your first ice fishing trip this season!

First ice can often provide some of the hottest action of the entire ice season and fish are often at their most aggressive and easiest to target as anglers can follow them from late fall right into ice up.

You’ll notice Bro often uses brighter colors and larger sized presentations early in the year as he is counting of fish to be less pressured, more active, and willing to chase. As mentioned, every lake is different and water clarity plus light penetration play huge factor in selecting the right color and size of your bait.

You’ll also hear Bro mention weedbeds as a key starting place to look for all species of fish, where there are panfish and perch there are predators close and often much shallower than you’d expect them to be.

Always take necessary precautions before venturing out onto a body of water for the first time and remember to check ice as you go.

Once you are done watching this video, you’ll want to know the Top 5 Ice Fishing Spoons to have in your tackle box for this ice fishing season.

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