Northland pro and fishing guide Joel Nelson shares some great Father’s Day fishing tackle gift ideas for the father in your life looking to catch more fish!

These are just a few ideas to put a smile on dad’s face this Father’s Day! Our hope at Northland is the day is filled with fishing, memories, and good times! Good fishing!

A Guide’s Picks: Northland’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

The fishing father and well-known guide comments: “Northland and fishing success go hand in hand. Especially for fishing as a family, you can’t go wrong with their products no matter the species you chase. And as a dad myself, I find myself rigging Northland every chance I get to ensure a positive day on the water. To those ends, I’ve selected some items that are sure to please the dad on your list!” READ MORE HERE


SHOP: Father’s Day Fishing Tackle Gift Ideas

Ultimate Panfish Assortment – 64 Piece Kit  


Deep-Vee Jigs

Rumble Bug




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