Team Northland Tackle’s Tony Roach talks about the new Deep-Vee Jigs. Deep-Vee jigs are a unique keeled pill shape design that helps the jig fall faster and track truer through the water. The Deep-Vee Jig is available in a bare jig head as well as a tied bucktail design. It’s available in 12 colors and 4 sizes. For more information visit or find it in stores spring 2021.

Tony focuses on the lifelike eyes that are oversized are easy for predators to spot. Of course, the keeled design where we get the name of the jig. Both for plastics and live bait this head design works great and when add in the bucktail you get a hair jig unlike any other on the market that has everything you love about legendary hair jigs but with all the benefits of our new design.

If you are looking for a jig that will track better, fall faster, and give you the most consistent and predictable swim on the market then this is the jig for you. No more jigs falling to one side, no more casts cut short by jigs that don’t fall straight, no more plastics or live bait getting cast off due to a poor keeper design. The Dee-Vee Jigs will save the day.

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