Crushing MVP Jig Walleyes: There’s a new jig on the block! Brad Hawthorne puts the hurting on some early-season walleyes with the brand-new Northland MVP Jig.

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Since day one, Northland’s mission has always been the same—to build a better bait for everyday anglers and pros alike. That’s why they’ve partnered with best-in-class hook manufacturer Gamakatsu on several new products for late 2022 and 2023. One of these exciting new products is the Elite Series MVP Jig, an ultra-sharp weapon with several unique design features.

“The jighead itself is based on one of my ice fishing designs—the Mud Bug. It’s designed to look like an actual minnow head, which appeals to the visual senses of numerous fish species. The wire keeper also keeps soft plastics and expensive live bait pinned exactly where they’re supposed to be. If you’re using a ‘crawler, leech, or minnow, that barb keeps the meat on without killing it, too. It keeps the bait tight, but lively on the jig.” – Brian Brosdahl

“The hook point is lined up perfectly with the line tie, which means when you’re pulling on the jig, you’re reefing right into the meat of the fish’s mouth. For me, it’s the perfect jig for a big soft plastic on river walleyes and cutting through current while displacing a lot of water. MVP’s come in heavier sizes, too, so it’s ideal for deeper river walleyes stacked up in current areas.” – Nick Lindner


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