There are very few bites as enticing and exhilarating as casting jerkbaits for walleyes up shallow. The NEW Northland Rumble Shiner fits the bill perfectly for this technique with its erratic darting acting and seductive slow float that almost hangs in front of a fish’s face causing them to react aggressively.
This technique really shines in cooler water periods but especially during spring as temps start to rise and fish actively move towards shallow water with intention of feeding heavily. Look for points or flats with good bottom composition or hard cover like rocks and work your way from deep to shallow until you can locate the key depth range the fish are holding.
A big key to the success of the Rumble Shiner during these types of patterns is the castability, even as a lighter balsa bait you can cast it long distances without having to downsize your tackle like you would with similar style crankbaits. A big part of casting jerkbaits for walleyes is the ability to cover a lot of water quickly and locate active fish so it is very important you’re able to make those long casts.
Sarah and Tyler were both using medium casting gear with a moderate tip much allowing them a softer action to cast farther and work the bait easier while not pulling the treble hooks out of a walleye’s mouth. They rotated colors throughout their day but found “Hot Tiger” to be the most productive bait in their arsenal.
If this is not a technique you’re familiar with it is one you want to try this season, so grab yourself a handful of Rumble Shiners and spring into action this spring with Northland Tackle and be sure to let us know how your fishing adventures turn out. For more content, subscribe to our channel!
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