Casting Crankbaits for Shallow Water Walleye.

Casting crankbaits is a deadly and effective post-spawn pattern on Devils Lake, North Dakota but these patterns can be applied to many shallow, dish bowl prairie lakes. Using the shallow-running Northland Fishing Tackle Rumble Shiner in size 7 and size 8. Perfect walleye lure for casting up onto shallow shoreline flats. Tips on how to find fish using water temps and water visibility early in the season. This pattern will last well into the summer with the high water on Devils Lake this year.

Now, this is a pattern that can also be utilized across the walleye belt and especially in river systems in the spring when water is cold and walleyes are shallow and migrating to spawn. The beauty of casting crankbaits is you can cover water much faster than hopping a jig or other slow presentations. You’re able to locate and trigger aggressive fish in a way that many other presentations will not trigger a bite.

What makes the Rumble Shiner unique for this is the tight action and elongated narrow minnow body that has a unique look under the water that predators can’t resist especially when a more finesse cranking approach is needed. Bang this bait around cover, across flats, into the rocks, wherever you need it to go and the signature balsa HCM process will hold up strong and draw out strikes.

The size 7 will dive between 4 feet and 6 feet while the size 8 may reach depths of 8 feet allowing you to fine-tune your bait to the exact depth range where fish are holding. Suspended fish may need a shallower running crank while fish that are running the bottom may require a bait that’s digging up dirt.

Don’t overlook this technique next time you find yourself facing a tough bite in the early season.

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