Hair jigs are dynamite for enticing several species of fish. I use them when targeting walleyes and crappies, but most often when chasing smallmouth bass. While marabou jigs have gained popularity, I have recently come to favor bucktail jigs. Early in the season, when smallmouth are hanging out in shallow water, I rig up with an 1/8th ounce crawfish pattern Buck-A-Roo® Jig and cast to rocky targets. As water temps heat up and bass move deeper to feed on pelagic forage, I will incorporate the shiner pattern, and often move up to the ¼ ounce size. Now it’s time to rely on electronics and target deeper rock structure. It’s important to consider the action that natural bait has and imitate it. When fishing the crawfish colored Buck-A-Roo® Jig, I like to hop and scoot the jig along. The shiner pattern often works most effectively with a slow and steady retrieve. A medium-light spinning rod with a fast tip is ideal for casting these jigs. I spool up with 6 lb BIONIC WALLEYE BRAID and attach a leader of 8 lb BIONIC WALLEYE mono-filament.

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