The wildly popular creature-colors from
They now “cocoon” classic jigs!

Doodle Bug Spoon and Creep Worm ice fishing jigs

Bemidji, MN – As any top-notch ice angler will tell you, successful fishing lies in the details. Those minor yet essential elements that separate a great lure from all the others—fish like Big Bluegills, Crappies, Walleye, and Trout are capable of eyeballing your lure with the intensity of a microscope. No one knows this better than the jig and spoon pros at Northland® Fishing Tackle.

Two seasons ago, to the delight of ice anglers everywhere, Northland hatched BRO’S BUG COLLECTION™. Flaunting incredible insect-mimicking eyes, segmented bodies, and natural yet striking patterns, these beautiful bugs made panfish emerge from ice holes like never before. Based on their phenomenal success, Northland has injected these same buggy patterns into five of their time-honored jigs and spoons. The JIGGLEBUG, CREEPWORM, DOODLEBUG, and DOODLEBUG SPOON have all been enhanced with premium “blood red” Mustad® Ultra-Point™ Hooks and six juicy new larva color patterns.

“The SUPER-GLO jigs & spoons are never out of my reach,” says TEAM NORTHLAND Pro-Staff Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “They feature lifelike grub body designs that dart, dance, flutter, and swim to finesse the reluctant biters. Hot SUPER-GLO ‘neon’ attractor colors glow brightly for up to 30-minutes and imitate gamefishes’ favorite forage . . . lip-smackin’ bugs and grubs. They are incredible for tricking Bluegill, Perch, Crappie, Walleye, and Trout into biting! ”

Bro with an ice fishing perch
Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, Pro Staff

The new enhanced SUPER-GLO jigs and spoons sport the most detailed “match-the-hatch” colors and body patterns on the planet. The “Bug-Eyed” baits now wear six new multi-color patterns, including Fire Ant, Fruit Fly, Tiger Beetle, Lady Bug, Grasshopper, and Slug. They’re available in a range of sizes and weights, from micro #10 jigs to gamefish-friendly 1/8-ounce spoons.


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For more information contact Northland Fishing Tackle® Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. The phone is (218) 751-6723

The collection of innovative lures by Northland Fishing Tackle® is designed, tested, and perfected by John Peterson and the legendary TEAM NORTHLAND Pro Staff. They are an authority on fresh-water fishing and manufacture a complete line of jigs, live bait rigs, spinnerbaits, and spoons; including the legendary JUNGLE JIG®, BUCK-SHOT® RATTLERS, JAW-BREAKER® SPOON, IMPULSE® Soft Plastics, and many others.

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