Extra limp and tough BIONIC® WALLEYE Fishing Line
It tricks and takes big walleyes!

Bemidji, MN – Mr. Walleye® Gary Roach has made a career out of rigging, jigging and bobbering walleyes with livebait. Meanwhile, walleye anglers are still confused about which fishing line to use in different situations, especially given the surplus of “extra-this,” “super-that” lines currently crowding the aisles. Thousands of dollars and countless tournament wins later, there’s no one more qualified to design and test a “Walleye-Specific” fishing line than Mr. Walleye® himself. Now, thanks to Roach and the walleye wizards at Northland Fishing Tackle®, choosing a great walleye line has become a no-brainer.

Northland’s new BIONIC® WALLEYE Fishing Line is the best walleye fishing insurance you can buy. Every bit as dependable as the famed Fire-Ball® Jig tipped with a leech, BIONIC® WALLEYE has been formulated with the balanced properties of strength, light-bite sensitivity, ultimate invisibility and silky smooth flexibility required to land more and bigger Walleye. BIONIC® WALLEYE is the first Walleye-Specific monofilament fishing line dreamt up not by guys in lab coats, but by real walleye anglers who’ve used and abused fishing line in real world walleye fishing situations for decades. BIONIC® WALLEYE was developed as a solution, not just another line. It’s the only line you need for Roach Rigging® live minnows, jigging crawlers or softbaits, trolling bottom bouncers or even bobberin’ with jumbo leeches.

Use BIONIC®’s exclusive KWIK-SPOOL™ line slot for easily spooling reels straight from the box with optimal tension every time. BIONIC® does all the hard work for you—effortlessly presenting lures and bait with supreme strength, finesse and unmatched invisibility. More proof that Northland understands the line game—they’ve worked with the country’s top biologists to develop an exclusive CoverFlage™ Green Camo line formula. CoverFlage™ features a hand-blended, multi-shaded line pattern that fades out and blends into any underwater terrain—vegetation, rocks, wood or sand. Or for fishing gin-clear openwater, BIONIC® is also offered in a subtle Invisi-Clear™ formula. These colors are perfect for fooling and catching more wall-hangin’ Walleye!

BIONIC® WALLEYE Fishing Line is designed strictly for my favorite gamefish—the elusive and sought-after Walleye,” says Mr. Walleye and TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro-Staff, Gary Roach. “From Roach Rigging to jigging Fire-Balls to trolling Crawler Haulers, the new silky-smooth BIONIC® WALLEYE is my new go-to fishing line. We’ve even designed hard-to-find, custom 5- and 7-pound test sizes, which let me perfectly match those fine-tuned walleye presentations with total precision. I’ve tried dozens of different fishing lines through the years, and I’ve finally discovered an uncontested champion – BIONIC® WALLEYE.”

Gary Roach, Pro Staff

Look for bold and colorful WALLEYE-coded boxes of BIONIC® WALLEYE Fishing Line at outdoor retailers everywhere. Offered in CoverFlage™ Green Camo and Invisi-Clear™ formulas in 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 10-pound test, BIONIC® premium fishing lines are “Made by Fishermen for Fishermen.” Spooled and packaged right in the USA, each BIONIC® 350-yard VALUE PACK yields an average of one extra full reel fill per spool.

It’s “Silky Smooth, Tough & Reliable!”



For more information contact Northland Fishing Tackle® Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723

The collection of innovative lures by Northland Fishing Tackle® is designed, tested and perfected by John Peterson and the legendary TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro Staff. They are an authority on fresh-water fishing and manufacture a complete line of jigs, live bait rigs, spinnerbaits and spoons; including the legendary JUNGLE JIG®, BUCK-SHOT® RATTLERS, JAW-BREAKER® SPOON, SLURPIES® Soft Plastics, and many others.

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