Smooth and tough BIONIC ICE® Fishing Line
It’s built for diehards fishing real North Country winters!

Bemidji, MN – Calling ice fishing an “extreme sport” is no exaggeration. Around Northland Fishing Tackle® headquarters in Northern Minnesota, January thermometers often read a mercury-chilling minus-35oF. Glacial winds howl while snow and ice sting the faces of fisherman who think nothing of drilling holes through 3-feet of rock hard ice to reach Walleye, Panfish, Trout and Northern Pike of trophy proportions.

What’s tougher than an angler who sits out in a blizzard on an upturned 5-gallon pail, all while staring into a 10-inch crater he carved into a frozen lake? The answer is BIONIC ICE® Fishing Line—the first and only ultra-premium monofilament ice fishing line designed, tested and abused by real ice fishermen in extreme ice fishing situations . . . The “toughness” test results are in, and BIONIC ICE® weathered winter and won.

Smooth and tough BIONIC ICE® Fishing Line is the result of intensive research, design and field-testing by ice fishing guru Brian “Bro” Brosdahl and other legendary TEAM NORTHLAND® ice anglers. BIONIC ICE® is formulated with the balanced properties of strength, ultra-low memory, light-bite sensitivity, and the silky smooth flexibility needed to put more fish on the ice. From the ice fishing experts at TEAM NORTHLAND® comes a line you can depend on for Extreme Cold Weather Performance!

To start hooking and icing hawgs immediately, use BIONIC’s exclusive KWIK-SPOOL™ line slot to easily spool reels straight from the box with perfect tension every time. Meanwhile, this exceptional line also presents your lure with invisibility, blending in and disappearing from the view of “upward” feeding fish. The result of comprehensive biological research, AquaFlage™ Blue Camo line formula vanishes into the water-and-ice background, creating minimal line refraction and full invisibility to fish looking up at your bait. It’s an incredible line camouflaging system that really works, perfectly matching the way Panfish, Walleye, Pike and Trout feed beneath the ice.

KWIK-SPOOL feature allows you to spool right from the box.

“When I’m out prowling the ice for Bull Bluegills, Slab Crappies, Jumbo Perch and Hawg Walleyes, I need a line that is sensitive, smooth and tough,” states TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro-Staff Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “The manageability and strength of this line is outstanding. I love the specialist 3-pound and 5-pound tests for fine tuning presentations, and the cool new Vertical AquaFlage™ Blue Camo color is a true breakthrough in line color. I trust BIONIC ICE® Fishing Line on all of my ice fishing missions.”

Look for bold and colorful ICE-coded boxes of BIONIC ICE® Fishing Line at outdoor retailers everywhere. Offered in AquaFlage™ Blue Camo and Invisi-Clear™ formulas in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-pound test, BIONIC® premium fishing lines are “Made by Fishermen for Fishermen.” Spooled and packaged right in the USA, BIONIC ICE® Fishing Line comes in 125-yard VALUE PACK spools.

It’s “Smooth, Tough & Dependable!”


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