Pirates wore manly braids. BIONIC® unfurls an equally burly braided superline.
It will send the leading line manufacturers back to the drawing board!

Bemidji, MN – Whether discovering new lands or plundering vessels, tougher-than-nails pirate captains could don braided locks with no fear of mockery from the crew – or the deckhands ended up walking the plank. Fish will have similar respect for BIONIC ICE® BRAID, as the exceptional superline tames tugs and line-stripping runs to ultimately bring the fish to the surface and meet a grinning, maybe grizzled angler with his own tough guy braids.

BIONIC ICE® BRAID is a premium no-stretch superline, which incorporates Northland Fishing Tackle®’s advanced 4-Carrier Balanced Braid™ Technology. Constructed with micro-sized deniers of PE fibers (superior strength), it provides anglers with a rounder, limper and tougher braid with thread-like diameters down to ½-pound test. Coated with a low friction anti-freeze skin, BIONIC ICE® BRAID resists icing and stays limp and manageable even on miniature ice reels in the harshest winter conditions. Line visibility is greatly reduced, too, because of the micro diameters and the exclusive AquaFlage™ BLUE CAMO color.

Walleye fishing legend and TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro Staff Scott Glorvigen says this about the incredible new line: “The BIONIC ICE® BRAID is the ultimate fishing line that does it all! Whether I’m chasing bull bluegills and crappies in the weeds, walleyes & jumbo perch on the deep flats, or giant pike and trout on the shield lakes… I know this is the braid I can depend on. With its unique ‘Balanced Braid™ Technology,’ using stronger than steel PE Microfibers, this braid is rounder, smoother, limper, smaller in diameter and tougher than any other ice braid on the market. And, I can match the feel and toughness of no-stretch BIONIC ICE® BRAID with AquaFlage™ BLUE CAMO or ICE GREY – two unique colors designed for maximum invisibility. Finally, I have the ultimate ice fishing line I can trust for all of my ice fishing needs.”

Scott Glorvigen, Pro Staff

Micro-diameter but uncompromisingly strong, BIONIC ICE® BRAID is available in 2-lb. (1/2-lb. diameter), 3-lb. (3/4-lb. diameter), 4-lb. (1-lb. diameter), 6-lb. (1 1/2-lb. diameter) and 8-lb test strength (2-lb. diameter) to fine-tune line weight and strength to your presentation and size of targeted species. The unique fishing line is perfect for bull bluegills, slab crappies, pound-plus perch and lunker walleyes. Trust us… BIONIC ICE® BRAID will instantly become your superline of choice.


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