Bionic® Ice Flurosilk

Best Line For Hole Hopping

From: Chip Leer

Can one fishing line be right, or better, for hole hopping than another? You bet it can, according to Northland Pro and longtime tournament angler Chip Leer.

“The line’s primary purpose is to connect the lure to the angler,” he says, “but it also has to perform well. You want the line to run from the reel and contact all the line guides for maximum sensitivity and feel. Then, hang straight from the rodtip—all without coiling.”

That asks a lot from a fishing line, he adds, especially considering the factors—light lures, exposure to wind, line rubbing on jagged ice—involved in chasing cruising perch or scattered bluegills from hole to hole.

“A lot of fishermen overcompensate for the harsh conditions and use line that’s too thick or stiff and may not touch all the guides because it coils. I like a line that has some fluorocarbon in it to help a light jig or spoon fall straight down from the rodtip.”

Leer’s first choice when hopping for panfish is 2-pound Bionic Ice® Fluorosilk, a co-polymer line with a nylon core and fluorocarbon coating.

“The fluorocarbon adds weight to the line to help the lure fall straight, while the nylon adds elasticity and limpness so the line stays in touch with the guides.

“It’s also a phenomenal choice for anglers who embrace the long-rod trend,” he adds. “Light line gives a better presentation to the lure, while the longer rod minimizes the shock to the line on the hookset.”

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