Northland Angler: Bro Brosdahl

Northland Fishing Tackle

  Northland Angler: The Northland Podcast – Bro Brosdahl Download Podcast   FPBC is the North Country’s preeminent fishing show.  Kev Jackson talks with the area’s (and the nation’s) best anglers to bring you the most and best fishing information, as well as complete coverage of the area’s biggest fishing events and key issues facing…

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Glo-Shot Jig on Tips-Ups – Eric Brandriet

Eric Brandriet talks about using the NEW Glo-Shot Jig on tip-ups! The Glo-Shot jig is the ultimate set line presentation. It features a wide gap single hook perfect for live bait. Set it up and the powerful Glo-Shot Stick will glow your lure all day and night long!

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Upper Red Lake Early Ice Tips – Chip Leer

Upper Red Lake is one of the HOTTEST early ice bites in the country! Located in Northern MN this lake becomes host to thousands of anglers in search of an early ice bite. Red lake is known for its large numbers of roaming walleyes. Team Northland’s Chip Leer talks about some tips that will help…

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