Jig Worm Magic

Summer time means that the fish are using the weeds and fishing in the weeds becomes more of the norm than not. Many anglers will shy away from fishing directly in the weeds for fear of getting tangled up or losing their baits.Getting over those fears, will put more fish onto your line and in turn, that makes for a more enjoyable day on the water. Many times, fish hang on the outer edges of the weeds and wait for their prey to come by and these fish then ambush their meals.The jig worm consists …

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Revisting Tubes

I think everyone would agree on the effectiveness of soft plastic lures in their ability to catch fish. And among the countless shapes and sizes of plastics, it would probably be a difficult task to pick a particular lure as the all time reigning champion of fish caught. A simple action-tailed worm would be tough to bet against.

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Profiling Plastics for Panfish

It wasn’t all that long ago that bass anglers were the only ones that had seemingly limitless choices in plastic profiles. When it came to panfish anglers and baits in that desired 1-2 inch size, there was generally the tube and the grub. To add to the frustration, plastic baits made in minuscule sizes really suffered in the action department.

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Spinner Rig Fishing – Ahead of the Curve

spinner rig fishing

Walleyes are on a serious chew right now in most of the local lakes you fish. Sure, there are lulls in activity and certain days are better than others, but you couldn’t pick a better time to wet a line. An exceeding demand for bait stretches the available supply as most lake systems are just ramping up in biological activity.

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An Unconventional Approach to Catching Summer Walleyes

catching walleye

Typically, when you have walleyes scattered over a flat and its mid-summer you automatically think of using a MR. WALLEYE® CRAWLER HAULER, a BUTTERFLY BLADE HARNESS, or BAITFISH SPINNER HARNESS with bottom bouncers. Using these are a great way to catch fish and lots of numbers, but there is another way to catch fish and a lot of quality walleye that is a bit more fun than watching a rod in the rod holder.Northland Puppet Minnows are often thought of as hard water baits, but they also shine big i…

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Tony Roach’s Favorite Plastic to Use For Walleye!!!

Tony Roach's Favorite Plastic to Use For Walleye!!!

When it comes to catching walleyes on plastics Tony Roach knows how to get it done. Depending on the conditions he uses variety of different shapes but if he only had one he would choose the Impulse® Paddle Minnow. Watch video to find out why!Products featured in this video:Impulse® Paddle MinnowCurrent Cutter JigFor more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel: SHARESPECIESTOPICS

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Butterfly Blade Tip – Brad Hawthorne

Butterfly Blade Tip - Brad Hawthorne

Brad Hawthorne talks about using weight to create different actions with the Butterfly Blade Rigs. Sometimes using a heavier or lighter weight can really affect the number of fish you are putting in the boat. Check out the video to see how Brad determines what weight to use.Products featured in this video:ROCK-RUNNER® BOTTOM BOUNCERSLICK-STICK® BOTTOM BOUNCERBUTTERFLY BLADESFor more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel: SHARESPECIESTOPICS

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Spinner Walleyes – Throw the Change-up

spinner walleyes

Anyone who spends any amount of time chasing summer walleyes no doubt logs a few hours bouncing blades. When fish are holding near bottom, as many summer eyes do, it’s a technique that excels at covering water while keeping your offering in the fish, and triggering strikes. It’s also a technique that’s very simple to learn, yet due to the variables involved, can be a difficult one to master.

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Northland Angler: Duane Peterson

Duane Pederson

Northland Angler: The Northland Podcast – Duane Peterson Download PodcastFPBC is the North Country’s preeminent fishing show.  Kev Jackson talks with the area’s (and the nation’s) best anglers to bring you the most and best fishing information, as well as complete coverage of the area’s biggest fishing events and key issues facing angling and anglers.

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