Keys to Successful Jig-Fishing


Few baits will ever be as successful as the plain lead-head jig. As a bait-delivery method or a stand-alone option, it excels for multiple species throughout the country, moving water or stagnant, stained or clear. It can be swam, hopped, plopped, dropped, dragged, shook, pitched, and fished vertically, among other presentations.

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What Walleye Jig to Fish?

walleye jig

We are programmed to understand that not all lure types are created equal, with different baits serving different needs seasonally for varying species. What about baits in the same class however? While we grasp the thought that a jerkbait is not the same as a spinnerbait, we tend not to distinguish characteristics in-class, with jigs being no exception.

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Springtime Spinnerbaits for Largemouth Bass

largemouth bass

By Kevin DahlkeSpringtime means that the waters are warming and that in turn draws the fish to the shorelines for those warmer temperature waters as well as they start getting prepared for the coming spawn. Structure objects in the shallow waters are heat absorbers from the suns rays and these areas warm that much more quickly as well.Certain areas hold more fish than others and finding these locations needs to be done quickly and effectively for having a good day on the water. One way to cover …

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Are you Using the Right Length Spinner? – Brad Hawthorne

Are you Using the Right Length Spinner?

Brad Hawthorne talks about rigging for walleyes and how the length of your spinner leader can have a lot to do with the number of fish you catch. There are a few key factors that come into play when deciding leader length. Brad touches on each of these so you can decide what length leader to use the next time you're on the water.Products featured in this video:ROCK-RUNNER® BOTTOM BOUNCERSLICK-STICK BOTTOM® BOUNCERBUTTERFLY BLADE SPINNERSFor more videos like this, Subscribe to our You…

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Swimbait Craze-Rick Darling


If you're looking to add another tactic to your walleye fishing arsenal, swim baits are one of the best baits going! Favorites are Northland Impulse® Core Swimbaits, Impulse® Paddle Shads, and Impulse® Paddle Minnows teamed up with either an RZ Jig or a Slurp!® Jig Head. Pssst….

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Buck-A-Bass-Travis Peterson


Hair jigs are dynamite for enticing several species of fish. I use them when targeting walleyes and crappies, but most often when chasing smallmouth bass. While marabou jigs have gained popularity, I have recently come to favor bucktail jigs.

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Crazy Underwater Walleye Footage + TAGGED FISH!!!

Underwater Walleye Footage

The Northland Guys were on Lake Mille Lacs fishing with Team Northland Pro, Tony Roach, when they were able to capture some awesome underwater footage of walleyes. After reviewing the footage they were surprised to see a tag on a couple of the fish!Products featured in this video:ROCK-RUNNER® BOTTOM BOUNCERIMPULSE® CORE SWIMBAITSLURP!® JIG HEADIMPULSE® SWIM'N GRUBFor more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel: SHARESPECIESTOPICS

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