Jigging Up Early-Season Walleyes

Early-Season Walleyes

Great jigging information from walleye guru Brian ‘Bro’ Brosdahl.Jigs are an excellent delivery system to give walleyes the minnows they hunt when actively feeding. Anglers just have to pay more attention to what they are doing when fishing jigs. Vigilance is important.Early in the season, I mostly use lightweight jigs, but if the wind blows up or the fish move into deeper water, I need heavier jigs to stay with the fish and keep in the right zone near bottom.Spottail shiners and per…

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Mike walleye fishing

By Mike Frisch Winter finally gave up and walleye season is here! Now that the season is here, having a good game plan for opening day and the rest of the early season can mean the difference between spring fishing success and frustration.Choosing the right lake is often key to opening day success, with water temperature being a top consideration. For that reason, I usually like to start on a small, shallow lake that warms quickly.

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TEAM NORTHLAND PRO-STAFFERS DAN AND STEVE BODINGER WIN THEIR THIRD MASTERS WALLEYE CIRCUIT DETROIT RIVER TOURNAMENTBemidji, Minn. – Team Northland Pro-Staffers Dan and Steve Bodinger say Northland Fishing Tackle Sink’n Jigs and IMPULSE® Paddle Minnows were key weapons in their dramatic come-from-behind victory at the Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit’s Detroit River tournament at Trenton, Michigan, April 13-14.The Bodinger brothers, both from Chilton, Wisconsin, topped…

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Opening Day Walleyes – Big Stone Style

Walleye – Big Stone Lake

By Mike FrischBig Stone Lake on the Minnesota/South Dakota border is a very popular spring walleye fishing destination.  It’s popular because, as a Minnesota-South Dakota border water, it opens to the legal taking of walleyes earlier than the traditional Minnesota inland game season.  The season opens this year on April 21.

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North and South Lida Lakes, Minnesota

North and South Lida Lakes

These highly productive and moderately fertile fisheries are located in northwestern Otter Tail County a short cast from the fishing-friendly city of Pelican Rapids. North Lida is widely considered one of the best all-around fishing lakes in Otter Tail County—which is high praise considering the number and quality of lakes within the county. South Lida, though considerably smaller, is no slouch, either.Anglers can choose from a variety of fish species on both lakes, which are connected to …

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East and West Rush Lakes, Chisago County, Minnesota

East and West Rush Lakes

Located in the east-central Minnesota countryside between the Twin Cities and Mille Lacs Lake, East and West Rush Lakes offer anglers a variety of high-quality, multi-species fishing opportunities virtually year-round. The two lakes are managed primarily for walleye, muskellunge and northern pike, with black crappie, bluegill and largemouth bass as the secondary management species.“The Rush Lake system is a great fishery close to the Twin Cities metro area,” says Team Northland Pro-S…

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Lake Ashtabula, North Dakota

Lake Ashtabula

Nestled in a scenic river valley just 12 miles northwest of Valley City, North Dakota, Lake Ashtabula is a picturesque manmade impoundment on the Sheyenne River. The reservoir offers anglers ample opportunities to catch a variety of gamefish species.Walleyes, smallmouth bass and northern pike are the predominant predators,” says Northland Fishing Tackle’s Cody Roswick. Proprietor of Fin Hunter’s Guide Service, Roswick fishes Ashtabula year-round, and notes, “There are als…

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by Bob Jensen The big lake near where I live still had a lot of ice on it when I drove by a few days ago, but it was opening up near the shoreline. But the smaller ponds in the area have a lot of open water. In fact, of friend of mine told me that a friend of his had just caught a nice bunch of crappies from the open water in one of those ponds.

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Butterfly Blade Weed Walleyes

Eric Brandriet of Dakota Prairie Angling

A veteran guide’s tricks for slow trolling over emerging vegetationEmerging weedbeds hold walleyes in late spring and early summer. The scenario plays out in a variety of fisheries, from prairie potholes to mesotrophic Midwestern waters and rocky systems of the Canadian Shield—and wherever it develops, anglers able to capitalize on the pattern can rack up big numbers of hungry ’eyes.Veteran guide and Team Northland Pro-Staffer Eric Brandriet of Dakota Prairie Angling has develo…

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