hub shelter – otter pond

by Bob Jensen There were snow-flurries in the air this past week, and air temperatures have been in the lower to mid 30’s. There’s been too much wind for ice to form, but there’s no doubt that another ice-fishing season is getting closer. And with another La Nina weather pattern in the works, we could be on the ice earlier and later than usual.

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Slip Bobber Walleyes – The Northland Fisherman EP. 43

Slip Bobber Walleyes

Artie Arndt and Mike Frisch show you all you need to know about using slip bobbers to catch big walleye. They will show you what kind of gear to use and how to fish it in this weeks episode of The Northland Fisherman.Products featured in this video:Lite-Bite Slip BobberSuper-Glo Attractor HooksFor more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel: SHARESPECIESTOPICS

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Largemouth bass

by Bob Jensen As we get farther into the autumn period, the weather gets a little cooler. It’s generally not bitterly cold this time of year, and in fact the weather can be beautiful. That’s what makes fishing such a good thing this time of year.However, there are some days when it does get pretty chilly, and eventually it’s going to get cold.

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