Fox Chain of Lakes, IL

Fox Chain of Lakes

The popular Fox Chain of Lakes straddles the border between Lake and McHenry counties in northeast Illinois and stretches from Antioch, near the Illinois/Wisconsin state line, down to Pistakee Lake near the city of McHenry.Formed by ice age glaciers and later augmented by several manmade dams, 15 navigable lakes make up the chain. The area has been a hotspot for recreation seekers for more than 100 years; perhaps most notably during the early 20th Century when it became a notorious playground fo…

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Glo-Shot™ Spoon – The Northland Fisherman Ep. 39

Glo-Shot™ Spoon - The Northland Fisherman

The Northland Fisherman is a weekly show connecting you with Pro-Staff, showing you Fishing Techniques and bringing you the Northland lifestyle. Stay tuned for all 52 weeks of in depth videos showing you what Northland is all about.Products featured in this video:Glo-Shot™ SpoonGlo-Shot™ SticksFor more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel: SHARESPECIESTOPICS

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Jig-Worming the Weed Edges

Kevin – Nature Jig & Impulse Nightcrawler – Northland Fishing Tackle

The dog days of summer are upon us and that means fishing deep water weed lines is the order of the day. Finding irregularities along these weed lines are key locations that these deep water fish relate to and there are times, certain small areas will have numbers of large fish.Setting up on the shallower sides of these weed lines has been key lately. The larger fish seem to be cruising the outer edges or just tucked inside of the weeds in their ambush locations.

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