Early Ice Ideas

We’re going to wake one morning in the not so distant future and discover our favorite pond has frozen over. The lakes won’t be far behind. I always used to think that early ice provided the best ice-fishing action.

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Hand to Fin Combat


A proven pattern for hooking gargantuan pike during early ice Yet another tape-measure pike falls to a Northland Bionic Bucktail Jig and live sucker minnow. This jaw-dropping specimen was caught by Northland Pro Staffer Scott Glorvigen. Up above, I tiptoe across the frozen shallows maintaining a low profile.

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Real or Not? Let the Fish Decide


Intelligent ice anglers are having success combining traditional live bait tactics with the use of realistic artificial lures Jeff Gustafson and Mandy Times are a changin’. Used to be when we went ice fishing, our presentation always included a jig tipped with some type of minnow or hunk of meat, no matter what species of fish we were targeting. As the fishing tackle industry has grown, companies have found ways to make better baits that work in all seasons for all species of fish.

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Bro’s Bug Collection undergoes metamorphosis


New Impulse® micro sizes and camouflage colors revealed in Bro’s bag of tricksImpulse® Rigged Scud Bug – Bull HeadBemidji, MN – Fly fishermen aren’t the only matchers of the hatch. Ice fishing genius Brian “Bro” Brosdahl always keeps his antennae up, especially in the presence of hump-headed panfish. Hatched last year by Northland Fishing Tackle®, BRO’S BUG COLLECTION™ created whole swarms of happy anglers.

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