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MR. WALLEYE® Crawler Hauler

New big-blade spinner chops water and mows down big fish
Tourney tested MR. WALLEYE® Crawler Hauler 
This series tames walleyes!

MR. WALLEYE® Crawler Hauler

BEMIDJI, MN - Hawg walleyes are predators—hot on the trail of a big meaty bite. No one knows the “big bait, big fish” program better than Gary Roach, Mr. Walleye® himself. Drawing on decades of experience on the pro walleye circuit, Roach has plenty of new tricks up his sleeve, including an “eye-opening” series of beefy, jazzy spinner rigs—all bulked-up and bright as a solar flare…the MR. WALLEYE® CRAWLER HAULER.

Enhancing the already lethal MR.WALLEYE® CRAWLER HAULER, the FLOAT’N CRAWLER HAULER buoys your bait over those snaggy and slimy bottoms, giving you a clear, easy shot at big suspended walleyes. The rig’s 60-inch leader is hand-snelled with tough and transparent 17-pound test fluorocarbon, and twin Matzuo® Needle-Point hooks that sting walleyes every time. Calling hawgs from afar is a throbbing #6 Indiana Fish-Scale™ hex-blade that shakes, shines and jolts nightcrawlers to life like a lightning strike.

“After 40 years of trolling up big mama marble eyes, I’ve got my share of secrets, and this incredible new spinner is one of them. For those monster walleyes swimming the Great Lakes, as well as countless reservoirs and lakes, the MR. WALLEYE ® FLOAT’N CRAWLER HAULER is the ticket,” says TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro Gary Roach. “Whether I’m power-trolling structure or pulling spinners and crawlers for those whopper suspended ‘eyes, these floatin’ rigs rule. The durable “invisi-clear” fluorocarbon leader slides and powers through rocks, moss, grass and zebra mussels, while its balloon-buoyant cylinder body elevates your crawler over the toughest bottoms. This big-bladed, ultra strong tournament rig chops water and mows down trophy walleyes.”

The MR.WALLEYE® FLOAT’N CRAWLER HAULERS™ are the hottest money rigs on the Pro Walleye Tour. Tournament tested by Gary Roach and the TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro-Staff, this tail-kickin’ crawler harness hits the stores in twelve proven “Metallic” FishScale ™ attractor blade colors.



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