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The Line Between Real and Artificial Just Got Fuzzier
Northland’s smash-hit lure, the MIMIC MINNOW® FRY,
It now comes in larger gamefish sizes!

BEMIDJI, MN - Fooling fish is a game of mimicry and deceit. An angler is challenged to present something that looks, acts, smells, and tastes lifelike enough to dupe a fish. No doubt, live bait gets it done. But in the realm of artificial lures, only a select few lures have what it takes. Northland’s MIMICMINNOW® FRY is one of those elite.

The astoundingly accurate baitfish imitator was originally developed to emulate young-of-the-year baitfish, available in petite 1 ½ inch and 2 inch versions. Their effectiveness was immediately identified by anglers far and wide. Wanting more, and something to feed predator-sized fish, they asked Northland to design larger and heavier models. For 2010, those wishes have been granted.

What makes the MIMIC MINNOW® FRY so deadly the everyday fisherman demanded upsized versions? TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro and legendary tournament angler Scott Glorvigen knows why. “If I had to pick its finest feature, I’d say it’s the flat dolphin shaped GliderTail™. The unique shape and orientation makes it dart, glide and swim like a fleeing minnow. After that, I’d say it’s the MIMIC MINNOW® FRY’s natural-looking sculpted head and “holographic” Baitfish-Image® coloration. The thing looks amazingly real.”

Now available in 2 sizes, anglers can tussle with larger predators casting and trolling the 1/32 and 1-1/2 ounce sizes. The time-tested 1/32 and 1/16 ounce sizes will continue fooling panfish for years to come. All sizes and weights of the MIMIC MINNOW® FRY are available in Silver Shiner, Perch, Fathead, Firetiger, Glow Rainbow, and Glow Chub.


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