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 Date: 2/27/17

Lake of the Woods South Shore Ice, Fishing & Trails Report:               February, 2017 by Sportsman's Lodges

Good Bite!

The bite yesterday was great, but overall spotty this week. Nice buckets of fish came in with a variety of walleyes and saugers.  Best depth has been in 23-31 feet of water. Gold and pink jigs, rattle spoons and macho minnows have been working well tipped with a minnow.  Mix of jigging and dead sticking is the best approach. Electronics users tend to do the best.

Ice Conditions
We have lost snow but not much ice if any. Weather is cooling off starting tomorrow. Back to ice making!

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Date: 2/27/17

February, 2017

Most accesses have held up through the rain and warm weather, and with some colder air predicted, vehicle travel should remain an option this weekend. Perch are being caught, but you have to move and do some sorting in Sucker Bay, off Pine Point, and around Goose Island. Anglers continue to catch a few walleyes each evening off Sand Point and Cedar Point in 14 to 22 feet. A few tullibees continue to be caught off Stoney Point, but no big numbers at this point.

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Red Lake Report: 2/27/17

It was a relief to be able to use the snowmobile up on Upper Red Lake. With 12, almost 13 inches of ice, it made for easy traveling.

Upper Red Lake is shallow with areas of small underwater humps and islands, and a 3-5 ft break line that follows the shoreline. Our first location was in shallow water in the morning on the edge of a break (7-8.5 ft) but did not have much success. After repositioning ourselves at mid day on a small flat off the edge of a quicker break, we finally struck Red Lake gold. Within the first 5 minutes of fishing at the new location we were on the board and it was game on from there on.

Jigging a 1/4 oz. Buckshot Flutter Spoon tipped with a minnow head was the main bait used, giving off a flashy and active presentation. You can never go wrong with a red and silver/gold colored lure on Upper Red. However, other bright colors like pink and orange work well also.

When marking a fish, I found it best to give small, quick and repetitive actions to the bait. If the bait sat still, the fish wanted nothing to do with it, but as soon as you gave the lure some action, the walleye absolutely hammered it!

Check out our Upper Red Lake Walleye video at:




Date: 2/27/17

Minnesota Fishing Reports:

Northern pike have moved into the 8- foot weeds on Lake Minnetonka, Lake Independence, Medicine Lake, and Lake Sarah. Sunfish are being caught on Medicine Lake in 8 feet and a few crappies are coming off the North Arm of Minnetonka in 15 to 18 feet during the evenings. Some accesses are beat up putting an end to vehicle traffic, but ATV and foot travel remains an option on all lakes.

Mille Lacs Lake

Lake of the Woods

Lake Minnetonka Area

Lake Vermilion

Lake Winnibigoshish


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Date: 2/27/17

Wisconsin Fishing Report:                                                                     February, 2017

Northern pike: Fish are on the weed edges and in the deeper weeds. On the edges, use tip-ups set a foot or so off the bottom. When fishing the deep weeds, set tip-ups so that the bait is just above the tops of the weeds.

Walleyes: These fish are being caught in a couple of areas – all of them around weeds. Setting tip-ups on the weed edges baited with suckers or golden shiners in low light conditions seems to be best. Also, jigging in the same areas rattle spoons are producing fish.

Panfish: Bluegills are being found in the weeds on small jigs tipped with waxies, spikes, or plastic. Perch are being caught on the deep weed edge where the mud meets.

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Date: 2/27/17

South Dakota Fishing Report: 

Ice conditions as of 2/20 are deteriorating.  20-24" of ice in most areas, but shorelines are going fast, and concerning cracks in the ice as well as water on top.  Best travel on foot, or ATV.  If we get a week long freeze, could be ok again.  Our fishermen did well last weekend.  Cleaning station was busy with eater sized perch, as well as bluegills and a few walleyes and northern.  

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