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The BUCK-A-ROO® JIG is the most natural, life-like minnow-imitating jig for catching all gamefish species from cold water rivers, lakes and reservoirs! Molded with premium hooks, it features hand-tied Baitfish-Image® patterns that mimic a live baitfish. These time-proven hair jigs pulsate and breathe with incredible un-dulating action, and are superior for vertical jigging, casting, drifting or dragging for Crappie, Perch, Walleye, Bass,Trout & Stripers.

"Lethal for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Stripers & Trout!"


"Natural Finesse Hair
Jigs That Rule!"


Available in 5 Sizes & Eight Dynamite Colors!


Not Available To Ship To Canada
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BUCK-A-ROO® JIG BAR3 - 1/8 oz
$ 2.19
BUCK-A-ROO® JIG BAR4 - 1/4 oz
$ 2.39
BUCK-A-ROO® JIG BAR5 - 3/8 oz
$ 2.49