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The MUD BUG digs ‘em out! It is molded with an upturned 60˚ Mustad® Ultra-Point™ fine wire hook, and designed with a heavyweight FatHead™ bug body to imitate insect larvae that hatches out of the mud bottoms. Bulging “bug-eyes” and lifelike larvae color patterns “match-the- hatch” and turn the sniffers into biters!


Bro's Bug Video!



Insect Larvae!"


Imitates Larvae that
Hatches out of the
Mud Bottoms!


“The BRO’S BUG COLLECTION™ was hatched from the mind of ice fishing guru Brian “Bro” Brosdahl and the Team Northland® Pro-Staff. This new bug collection features lifelike ants, worms, bugs and grubs with realistic body features, bulging insect eyes, Super-Glo® attractor paints and “match-the-hatch” color patterns that panfish fall victim to. These bugs bug ‘em to bite!”

Brian “Bro” Brosdahl
Team Northland® “The Pan-Man
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MUD BUG JIG "Bro's Bug Collection" - MB12 #12 hook
$ 2.99
MUD BUG JIG "Bro's Bug Collection" - MB10 #10 hook
$ 2.99