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The BIONIC BUCKTAIL® SPINNER is simply a fish catching machine for Giant Pike and Monster Muskie over shallow water weeds, brush and timber! It’s hand-tied with “genuine bucktail”, and features a throbbing holographic Baitfish-Image® blade for maximum flash and sound vibration. A heavy duty 5/0 VMC® hook trailed by a 3/0 sting’r makes this one of the best hooking bucktails on the market today! Tie one on . . . and start turning your fish on!

Lifelike “Holographic”
Willowleaf Blade!



"A Fish Catching Machine!"

Hand-tied with
Genuine Bucktail!


The BIONIC BUCKTAILS® are a series of magnum sized jigs, straight-line spinners and spinnerbaits that have been responsible for dozens of Huge Lake Trout, Giant Northern Pike and Monster Muskie for my guiding clients and I over past 8 years! The baits are sculpted with lifelike Baitfish-Image® designs, and feature genuine natural bucktail hair that pulsates, breathes and swims to imitate a live baitfish. I love the BIONIC BUCKTAIL® and Airplane Jig for vertical jigging, and the Bionic Bucktail® Spinner & Spinnerbaits for extracting Big Pike and Muskie from shallow weeds, rock and wood! Tie one on . . . but you better hang on!

Jeff "Gussy" Gustafson
Canadian Team Northland® Pro-Staff

Not Available To Ship To Canada
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