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The “MAGNUM” AIR-PLANE JIG® is newly designed, and flies in a semi-circle when vertically jigged or dropped on the free-fall. It is molded with a heavy duty treble hook. Lifelike “Holographic” Baitfish-Image® colors “match-the-hatch” and fool ‘em every time!

Oink Oink!
Whatta Hog!


"Pulsates & Flashes Like
a Live Baitfish Minnow!"



Flies Like an Airplane!





Not Available To Ship To Canada
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AIR-PLANE JIG® - "Magnum" Series - AP6 1/2 oz.
$ 6.59
AIR-PLANE JIG® - "Magnum" Series - AP8 1 oz.
$ 7.29